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I disagree due to the changes in attitudes about relationships today. With everyone just dating willy nilly without being HONEST about their intentions upfront, its now become a game of chess to determine if their opponent is even looking for a relationship. Baggage reclaim is for people who want to build self esteem, be emotionally available and move into a deep committed relationship. It is not for people who want to date casually. She would say, if you are looking at it as a game, it means you are not serious and neither is your partner, and you should not proceed with that partner.

Her stuff is amazing — it focuses on mutual relationships, self love, and being available without playing games. She managed to get married this way, as have many of her readers…. EMK is of the be very nice to him, and mirror him, if he is not stepping up, dump him at 10 weeks.

Thanks everyone for such great input!! This definitely added a lot of nuance and subtlety to what I had understood before. In the 10 week thing that EMK recommends …..

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Looking forward to checking out his stuff too!! Up to that point any multi-dating is early enough for me to multi-date. Oh and I think dates is too early to stop accepting new dates with other men. EMK says 10 weeks for you to get exclusive with him. In other words, if he is not acting like a boyfriend by weeks, he most likely will not be your boyfriend.

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So you should cut your losses and move on. How do boyfriends act — they want to spend time with you and they invest in your life. Pretty easy to see if you want to see it…. EMK is also a fan of no sex before exclusivity and for me, I agree. I put that on the table very early that I only sleep with one person and when I am sleeping with them, I assume we are exclusive and building something new.

Dating Archives - Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue

You know the difference. That is why you take others off the table…. Back burner guys tend to have a longer wait period. Be firm but nice, letting them know that your time books up quickly and they have to make plans ahead in advance. If they are smart, they will realise this and start asking you for dates ahead of time.

They will be left wondering who you are with and what you are doing. This also gives them more time to look forward to the meeting and increases your attractiveness.

Baggage Reclaim and multiple dating

You are a girl in high demand. It further piques their interest because they figure that there has got to be something special about you after all, all these guys are clamoring for your attention!

While juggling, please bear in mind that under no circumstances are you supposed to sleep with any of the men. You are just dating, not training to be on the next season of the Bachelorette. If you do have chemistry with one or 2! Kissing, making out, holding hands, these are all acceptable while you are juggling. Just be sure to protect yourself at all times. Eventually he will get it and leave you be. Before you drop the other guys out of your rotation, Mr. Right must articulate to you that he wants you two to be exclusive.

When he does ask you, tell him that you will think about it and get back to him. This also immortalises you in their mind as a cool chick. Eventually, if things with Mr. Right that you would like to try to have a deeper relationship with him. This way, he tries even harder to please you and make you happy. Any high end store staff, would usually have the skills to gauge what would fit and look good on your body type.

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They will gladly bring you lots to try on. I discovered how to dress, and what cuts look good on me, and how to dress more my age and personality. I was still dressing like a teenager before.


I feel so much more secure about my personal identity now. I know what you are experiencing.

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I had no identity when I left him. Exercises like the one above helped me find myself, and taught me how to shop, and feel good in clothing. Wow, what a coincidence. I went home for the holidays and my main goal was to purchase nicer clothes to help me feel better about myself and my unfortunate weight gain — getting clothes to fit my current frame.

It can do wonders.

And your ex is a jock itch. Kick him out of your mind and replace him with your Self. There are almost no female board members in companies, and most women I know have achieved much less than I. At this point, I only had one brief interview, and I have no idea whether they would really chose me or whether I would accept. It feels a little bit like dating. When it comes to job interviews, some of them turned out very well in the past, but dating — never. I think I need more time there. Thank you for this post!

It has been 10 months since. Almost tit for tat, I would have forced myself out there,telling myself it was good for me. For a while it would have felt like it was great, flattering and revenge-driven. That has been hot-wired in my brain as a huge code red! Do actions match words, also crucial. Not letting myself be managed by lazy texts and emails.

Thanks Natalie and everyone here for personal sea change.

Multiple Dating – A Guide to Juggling a Few Men at the Same Time

Time for a change! Thanks Stephanie, your words of encouragement are appreciated.. Its important to find love, for sure, but just enjoying the relationship with me at moment.