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Men tend to mature later than women, so women quite often feel they're 'carrying' both of them. When there's children involved, it's harder. Couples 'living together' seem to thing that they're saved the heartache of financial problems if their relationship goes 'belly up'. I think, personally, all couples should go through a budgeting scenario to see if they can 'pool' their resources. I know how hard it is when one partner stops loving the other. It hurts the partner who feels 'wronged'. If there's kids involved it's harder.

But ask yourself one thing. Isn't it better for both of you to 'end it' rather than stay together for the 'sake of the children'. Staying together for the wrong reasons creates more bitterness than is healthy for everyone. The children suffer, you suffer and for what? They say time heals all wounds, it does. I'd rather be alone than in an unhappy relationship. Hate is destructive and it makes us say and do things that, after you 'cool' down, you realize all you really hurt was you. Ex partner moves on with their life, you're left humiliated because you tried to hang on to something that was no longer there.

We have an 'open' relationship because financially we're better off. It works because we're both happier than ever. It takes a lot of emotional growing though. My hubby has his interests, I have mine. Sign up below for regular emails filled with information, advice and support for you or your loved ones. Home Get support Online forums.

Online forums Before you can post or reply in these forums, please complete your profile Complete your profile. Cancel The title field is required! My wife has instigated separation and I don't want to be, I told her I would fight to save my family with some success but also a couple of huge failures. I'm now not in a good place mentally as she is seeing another guy leaving me home to get our 3 boys through the evening routines while she is at her "friends" house. Your present situation puts you in a very unpleasant position not only for your 3 sons but definitely for yourself, and I'm sure that there have been many arguments and tense moments, with no agreement being made.

Even if there was a reconciliation between the two of you, this may not stop her from wanting to go out with someone else, so it's always going to be a contentious point, and as much as you want to keep your family together, it's going to be very difficult, as you could doubt and suspect her movements. This is probably not what you wanted to hear, but once they stray they always stray, and the temptation is always there.

Married couples or people living together are bound to have many disagreements, but this doesn't take away all the good times, but what sticks in a person's mind, the good times or the bad times, to me it's the latter, because we become resentful, hurt and annoyed, and can they get repaired, well this depends on the issue and again depends on each individual person. You could just tell them that their mum is going out with a girlfriend, but eventually they will find out as she may boost to them. It's a very unpleasant situation for you and the kids, and any reconciliation between the two of you seems to be slender, I hope not.

Hi Alx, This is a tough situation you find yourself in.

My Wife Is Cheating: My Wife Is Seeing Someone Else And It Drives Me Crazy

Hope this has been of some help to you! Cheers for now from Mrs. Yes I understand there will be a trust issue and so far as that is concerned I feel she had not consummated anything in the past while she was considering the possibility to work things out. She has stated that she wants to live the fun years of her life that she missed out on after having our first child at At the expense of our marriage it seems; I had asked her how she thinks we would be if we both put in effort to make the marriage work and her reply was it probably would. I had heavy work commitments that year which in hindsight took its toll on the family Recently I undertook to only work mon- fri and no weekend work and met with some success in the home life.

I tried so hard to save my family and made a couple of monumental mistakes along the way. Thanks Simona I do understand the issues mentioned and updates the past few days has things getting real, I am over the emotional torture I have had the past few months with trying to save the family I'm satisfied that she is someone else's problem now: Basically she is 28 and I'm 52 she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous with a gym body that just won't quit.

And now after having the first of our 3 boys at 21 wants to go out and live the fun years that she missed out on Can't really do that with 3 kids at home and no family to help out; it's been a long time coming I guess. So now the future is my focus and to sort out the property settlement read shared debt and care arrangements for the children. She thinks I will get all the debt and she will have the furniture and extensive wardrobe she had amassed My current job will finish next week and what I have after that I am unsure Hi Axl, Just checking in to see how you and the children are getting on.

I hope you are all safe and secure and something has been organised for you all. Wishing you all the best from Mrs.

Hi Alx I can emphasize with you as I am in the same situation. Oh yeah, they met on FaceBook.

“I’m Separated From My Wife & I Want Her Back, But She’s Dating A Man She Met On Facebook”

I need some advice to get her back. You sound like a really good dude. But, I hate to be the bearer of bad news my brother, but, uhm, you need to let her go. You need to give her the space she needs to do what she wants and allow her to find her way back to you. But, on the real, she has moved on. She has separated herself from you and is already getting it in with another man.

Therefore, she has moved on. The fact that your wife told you that she felt something was missing in your marriage and that she felt more like friends and roommates with you is a tell-tale sign that she was not interested in you sexually or physically. She had started the process months, probably years ago, of mentally placing you in a category where she would not desire or want you.

You even stated that she recommended counseling, and after 3 visits she stopped coming. Stop trying to make someone be with you who does not want to be with you. Do you see how simple and easy that is? Do you see how you can save yourself the heartache and pain of being hurt even further if you just listen to what they are saying to you, and how they are treating you? When someone wants to walk out of your life let them go. Hell, get them some running shoes and let them sprint out of your life. But, I truly believe that some folks are gluttons for pain. They are gluttons for heartache and drama.

And, there are several of them, but here is one: You have to find a healthy mind-set for you to do the same. You're holding onto something which no longer exists.

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There IS no 'eternal bond'. They don't define who you are. They're merely life experiences. But if you make them out to be sacrosanct and elevate them to a sacred level, as if they defined a momentous existence, then you are now experiencing the devastating shock of discovering that actually, they were simply episodes, and stages of your life together.

Well, that's done with now. Maybe it's the after shock. But you have to come to terms with the fact that no matter in what terms you think of it, this is merely your perception.

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This is YOUR projection of your ideal. The damage you are experiencing, is one you are perpetuating yourself within your mind. I hope your appointments with your counsellor prove productive. Because you really do need to seriously consider altering your mind-set. Clearly, it's not working for you, as it currently is - is it?

Last edited by Gunny; 8th March at 9: Why would she not be cold to you now, after telling her you no longer wanted to be with her and than being left alone to "sob" for two days?

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