Speed dating guinness world record

But that didn't prevent more than , would-be champions from attempting to break thousands of records around the world, as part of the seventh annual Guinness World Records Day.

Singles set world record for highest speed dating

Held across the globe, there was no shortage of record breakers keen to play up to their nation's stereotypes. There was the largest gathering of people dressed as leprechauns in Dublin, while the largest cream tea party was held in Essex. Ireland's leprechauns were especially satisfied to have reclaimed their four-leaf clover crown back from the United States.

Jane Malyon, of the English Cream Tea Company, said that the giant cream tea bonanza combined her love of sociability with pride in British tradition. Meanwhile, the Dutch showed off their love of activity by not only breaking the record for the number of people doing the much-maligned Macarena, but also the number of people standing simultaneously on one leg 1, In the Singapore event, singles were randomly placed on tables of ten and treated to dinner.

A healthy mix of young and old singles socialised and made merry.

After the dinner, the speed-dating activity began and participants would take a minute or two to quickly chat up the person next to them before moving on to the next. The ball in Marina Bay Sands capped the end to five weeks of festivities by the government-backed SDN to encourage singles to socialise. Most bridesmaids at a wedding: Tuesday, February 5, And I never thought I'd break a world record so that was amazing too.

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